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    CHEMI PUMP IRAN Industries is at the service of some different industries including the food, medical, chemical, textile, detergent, oil, and petrochemical industries with years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and starting, and setting up the acid pumps of the plastic forms (Polypropylene or Polyethylene) in the different sized (From 5 meters to 70 meters high) and with a debit of 2 up to 50 cubic meters per hour.

    PAYA GOSTARESH KHORSHID TABAN Co. is the sales representative of the chemical acid pump and the pumps in the various brands in Tehran and other cities.

    CHEMI PUMP IRAN Co. is now carrying on its way non-stop towards producing and meeting the consumers’ requirements in coordination with some new industrial policies of Iran and the afore-said company is regularly known as one of the most important manufacturers and producers of the chemical pumps needed by the industries of Iran in spite of commencing the economic problems and existing sanctions so that the mass production of CHEMI PUMP IRAN company is recently assumed with the annual capacity of 10,000 pumps. Applying the technical knowledge, machineries, and modern equipment in manufacturing the chemical pumps and employing the specialized and interested manpower in this company caused the quality improvement of products up to the recognized and international standards and gaining the consumers’ trust and the sharp rise or increase in demand

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    Unit 19, Fourth Floor, 1134 Bldg, Razi St. Valiasr Cross, Tehran

    Phone : 66753540-66753530

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    The main goal of the management and collection of Iran Pump Chemistry is to continuously improve the quality of products and to satisfy domestic and foreign customers and consumers and expand exports.